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Is the joyetech/ovale evic still a good device?

Hello everyone,


I’m still relatively new to vaping and would like to soon upgrade from my ego-c twist. This review made the device seem pretty awesome: http://www.smokefreesource.com/joyetech-evic-review/


But of course, why wouldn’t it? So i’m asking people who have owned the evic to give me some good or bad personal experiences. I also noticed that the evic is a pretty old device, i’m afraid that it’ll become obsolete too soon. 

With that being said, any recommendations for a variable voltage device that is in the same price range and possibly newer/better? 

help a new vaper out! THANKS

via http://www.vaportalk.com/forum/topic/19564-is-the-joyetechovale-evic-still-a-good-device/


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